没完没了的 游泳池 & 水疗



无尽的池 易于安装和维护的系统 & 运行

Have you been dreaming of adding your own swimming pool to your home but are limited by space? Are you tired of having to use public swimming pools with overcrowded lanes as a way to get your 水疗 workout in?

What if there was an easier way 为你 to reap the benefits of your own swimming pool combined with the wellness benefits of a hot tub? 

在温泉世界, 我们提供一系列无止尽的泳池系统, 游泳的理想选择, 水中有氧运动, 水疗, 还有家庭乐趣.



Offering low-impact 运行ning and walking options you get all the cardiovascular benefits of exertion without the negative side effects.

游泳温泉浴场的“必备附加物”之一, 液压驱动的水下跑步机, allows you to vary the treadmill speed from a gentle walking pace to an invigorating 运行.

外壳设计是革命性的. Its advanced look and feel will provide you with a fitness system that you will be proud to own and have as the centrepiece of your garden.

吧台的顶部完成了美丽和现代的风格, 哪一种水流优雅地从水疗座椅流向游泳电流发生器. 乍一看, it’s immediately clear that the collaboration between our designers and engineers has resulted in a shell that stands out from the competition in both form and function.

在你的游泳水疗锻炼之后, there is nothing like a “cool-down” in the comfort of spa seating where hydromassage jets will soothe your muscles.

Four jet types are combined in three configurations to deliver an ideal post-workout relaxation experience:

〇小型喷气机  一个小而集中的水流针对你的上背部的特定区域

定向喷射——  Similar to the mini, the directional jet is focused but with a larger stream of water

旋转式喷气机  This jet moves to create a circular massage pattern to reach a larger area of your back

〇集束喷射  一个独特的脉动按摩针对你的下背部

All 无边泳池健身系统 are built on an extremely durable, galvanized steel frame & ABS的基础.

虽然其他制造商可以将此视为节省成本的领域, 无尽的池通过将此作为所有产品的标准功能而走得更高. The structural elements of the steel frame and ABS的基础 pan provide the ultimate strength to deliver confidence in ownership for years to come.

Substantial insulation is added to the walls of your swim spa to save energy and reduce your heating costs. This means when you set your desired temperature you can be confident your 无尽的池 will maintain it.


蓝色LED周边正规彩票十大网站排名条在夜间提供视觉吸引力, while a 5” main interior light and multicolour LED points of light provide ample brilliance and beauty.


Your 无尽的池 Fitness System can be integrated into your backyard to create a landscape masterpiece.

帮助您规划和安装健身系统, we have created a checklist which can be used as a guide to help simplify the overall process.


玛克辛谁似乎总是有一个快乐. 没有什么是太麻烦的 and she’s very knowledgeable about the Hot Springs product and hot tubs in general. 我之前已经四处找过了, 但没有人主动让我提前尝试热水浴缸(我试了三次)!) I’m very pleased I went with a Hot Springs product; not the cheapest, but the world leader. There are so many horror stories on line about defective products and non-existent after sales service. 我在温泉遇到的每个人(不仅仅是玛克辛)都给我灌输了自信和, 这些天, 很高兴能找到一家言行一致的公司, 当它说它会的时候,以它说它会的价格. I would unreservedly recommend a visit to their premises at Notcutt’s Garden Centre in Norwich. Even if you don’t buy from them, you’ll get an education and a benchmark to judge competitors by. 人很好,产品很好.


Sarah和Ken每次都提供非常棒的客户服务, 总是一个可爱的购物体验, 他们很友好, 知识渊博,乐于助人. 没有什么是太麻烦的. 强烈推荐,无论你需要大或小 !!


科巴姆温泉世界,我们太棒了. Both Sarah and Ken answered all the questions we had and made our decision making process so much easier. 孩子们在购买之前在游泳池里试了一下. 安装团队非常专业,非常细心. We are very happy with our Spa Pool from Hotsprings world Surrey and would highly recommend.


友好的服务,从最初的购买建议, 购买和每次访问商店储存水护理产品. 非常感谢莎拉!


I bought a hot springs Flair from Mark at Sevenoaks who has been very excellent and very professional in helping me with my purchase, 安装和继续维护我的浴缸.


我们强烈推荐科巴姆的温泉. We bought our endless pool from Sarah at Hotsprings she was very informative and professional and Kept us in the loop before and after 交付 of our pool and has been there on numerous calls from me regarding maintenance queries. 由于莎拉.


We purchased a Vanguard hot tub 1 year ago and can highly recommend 温泉世界 for their genuine and friendly professional custom service. We’ve been back again to restock on a few chemicals and were greeted with the same friendly and helpful welcome😊Their online chemical balancing videos are super helpful too 👍🏼


From the very first time we “just popped in for a look” Sarah and Ken have been amazing. As first time hot tub owners we didn’t know where to start and they made the process of 选择, 购买和维护我们的水疗中心是如此容易. 我们喜欢我们的喷气式飞机热水浴缸,这是最好的购买. Even when we had questions about maintenance Sarah was so helpful and even printed us off our own laminate of guidelines! 我总是觉得我可以寻求帮助或建议后购买,后护理是伟大的. I would recommend hot spring for the customer service alone but the hot tubs are pretty good too!


这是我第二次从温泉世界的肯和莎拉那里买热水浴缸. 整个温泉世界的热水浴缸体验-从研究, 选择, 购买, 在交付, 并开始运作-非常出色. 热水浴缸的价格很有竞争力, and combined with the renowned high quality of the product makes this hot tub " a-must- have" addition to every garden. 肯和萨拉尽一切努力确保我做出了正确的选择. 在人员和设备充足的情况下,交货时间很准时, 包括升降装置,使运输和安装安全快捷.


Superb customer service from Mark, very knowledgeable of the product and not at all pushy. 从每个模式的好处的建议, 湿法试验, 交付, 安装并在几周后跟进, 马克参与了整个过程的每一个阶段. Looking forward to many years of relaxation and pleasure knowing that I have expert back up a phone call away. 谢谢.




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